MASSAGES: 50/ 90 MINUTES £130/180

Discover the world of luxury organic essential oil blends in partnership with Cosmos certified organic brand Doctor’s Daughter. Choose from five signature blends to improve your wellbeing.
Each treatment includes application of the brand’s luxurious body oils to nourish the skin, using Euphoria Spa signature massage techniques to personalize this limited-edition experience.

Euphoria Signature Personalized Massage

This massage, tailored to individual needs, targets the areas of concern and works the muscle layers, addressing trigger points with light, medium and firm pressure to focus on stress, ease muscle tension, boost circulation and improve mobility, as well as muscle and skin tone.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot basalt stones deeply warm muscles and stimulate circulation to relieve aches and pains, while your therapist expertly massages to further relax the body and release deep tension.

Sport massage

Often taken by those actively engaged in hard physical work and activity, or regular sport (including all top sports people). This deeper muscle massage is typically associated with the prevention and treatment of injury, strains, and sprains.
Our therapists will help by concentrating your treatment to suit your particular body needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

A more specalised treatment focusing on the main muscle groups of the body, our deep tissue massage techniques will release and reduce musculoskeletal pain and tension and are particularly effective in helping with general back, neck, shoulder and leg pain. Your therapist will adapt the pressure to suit you (Light, Medium or Firm).